What an SEO Audit entails

We have a multitude of top tools to perform a complete and detailed SEO audit. What can you expect?

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On-Page Optimization

We analyze the relevant technical factors and the structure of your site.

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Link analysis

We find out the toxic links on your site and its general history.

User experience

We analyze your website’s design and user behaviour.

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Keyword analysis

Learn how Google sees your website based on keywords you rank for.

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Mobile device optimization

We improve the user experience for customers who access your site from their phone or tablet.

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We assess how easy it is to index and access the site and optimize the process.

The On-Page is the foundation.

The On-Page is the foundation that will carry your company into the future. It’s essential that you have an up to date website that provides your customers with a user-friendly experience.


On-Page SEO factors are differentiators when you want to reach the top positions in Google, no matter how complete and qualitative the link building strategy is.


It is necessary to check the missing elements on the site, such as meta title, description, keywords or the favicon. These details matter in the SEO On-Page process.

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Professional implementation

We implement all the missing aspects on On-Page, essential for your site, from the necessary text content in titles and descriptions to eliminating unfavourable technical elements.


Users will have easier access to your site due to the changes made to improve its load speed.


The pages of your site will be indexed more quickly by Google, and users will find the information faster and access your site.

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Our guarantee

With experience and accumulated know-how, we can perform and interpret a complex and complete site audit.

The multitude of tools used in symbiosis with the expertise of our specialists will help your site be better seen by search engines and easier to access and use by customers.

The Optim SEO team guarantees you top services, based on the following four essential commitments:

A single analysis

We identify and repair all problems of the site, which we identify following a complex SEO Audit.

In order of priority

We identify what aspects need our immediate attention and prioritize them.

Organized presentation

The information is presented in a report and includes precisely what we could optimize.

Prompt response

We provide complete and prompt answers to all subsequent questions from you.

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