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TikTok Ads are still a new concept, but they’re already making waves in the digital marketing world. It is estimated that TikTok reached over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and over 6 million in the UK! That means there are plenty of opportunities for brands to reach their target audience and grow their reach with this incredible social platform.

TikTok’s advertising broad reach is a valuable opportunity for any company that wants to take advantage of it, and we’re here to help do that! Our TikTok Ads Agency will work with you to create a marketing strategy that will make the most out of your TikTok Ads, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

TikTok is currently the most downloaded social application in the world. The new social platform is the number 1 way to involve millions of young people between 16 and 34, representing over 77% of the TikTok user base. This is the perfect opportunity for any company targeting those audiences to help boost their product or service. If you want to know more about how TikTok ads can help you meet your goals, talk to us, and we’ll tell you how it works.



TikTok Advertising objectives


Show your ads to as many users in your target audience as possible at the lowest possible cost.


TikTok Ads attract users who are willing to click and visit your website.

App Install

Tiktok advertising can maximize your mobile application installations.

Video Views

Expose video content to audiences with the highest viewing potential.


Encourage users to take specific actions on your site, such as: add to cart, install application, complete purchase form.

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